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7 Shocking Deathbed Confessions

If you’ve got a super shocking secret to tell then there’s no better time to let loose than on your deathbed, because what are folks gonna do after you’re gone?

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As a CIA agent who was involved in both the Watergate scandal and the Bay of Pigs, E Howard Hunt was a man many would happily watch die just to hear his astonishing final confessions, but luckily we don’t have to do something so gruesome, as his sons David and Saint…yeah, he called his kid Saint, recorded their father’s final words shortly before he expired.

Here’s another guy who confessed to an involvement in JFK’s murder on his deathbed.

In 1934 Dr Robert Wilson was driving his car through the Scottish Highlands when he noticed something odd peeking above the waters of a nearby lake.

Regular Strange Mysteries viewers will be aware of the legend of the Nazi Gold Train, which is supposedly an as-yet undiscovered train which was buried near the Polish city of Walbrzych by the Nazis in 1945 as they fled the Russians, and it was apparently filled with all sorts of gold, jewels and priceless artworks previously thought lost to the world.

Mike and Dorothy Anderson were a wholesome, regular, church-going couple who lived in Shawnee, Oklahoma, where Mike worked as a machinist and Dorothy as a homemaker.

This next entry proves that not every deathbed confession has to be gruesome, and even though Julian Altman’s wife was probably pretty narked when she first heard what he’d done, I guarantee she cheered up later when presented with a cheque for two hundred and sixty three thousand dollars.

Imagine the tragic scenario of hearing your mom struggling to speak during her agonising final moments.

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