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7 Seriously Unsettling Disney Messages

If you know where to look, you’ll find some pretty creepy things lurking throughout Disney movies from the past and present day.

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Disney’s 1967 movie The Jungle Book is a timeless classic which definitely did not need a reboot, however awesome that cast was.

Elsa’s forced suppression of her magic powers has been described as an allegory for many things, including puberty, coming out as gay, and the disguising of her secret identity – Jesus Christ.

The story of the Lion King has many parallels with the Shakespeare play Hamlet, and even more parallels with the Japanese tale of Kimba the white lion which it so clearly ripped off.

In the original songbook for the Lion King movie there was a piece called the Madness of King Scar, in which Mufasa’s brother states quite clearly he will mate with Nala, whether she likes it or not.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves has been accused of secretly depicting the seven stages of cocaine addiction, but while dopey, sneezy, grumpy, and happy check out, and on a comedown you might get sleepy and need to visit the doc, personally, I’ve never seen anyone do blow and suddenly get all bashful.

Disney has been including pro-American propaganda in its movies ever since the 1940s, and even testified to doing so to the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947, but did this continue after Disney’s death, and if so, did it include 1992’s Aladdin?

Don’t worry everyone, after all that deep analysis of your favourite movies by some seriously woke folks it’s the part we know you’ve all been waiting for – secret Disney penis time.

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