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7 Seriously MESSED-UP Tourist Destinations

When some folks go on holiday they like to unwind with a book, sip a few cocktails and get themselves some sun….

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When you step off the bus outside Thailand’s Wat Tham Ta Pan Temple it looks pretty inconspicuous at first…Gunther von Hagens looks like a Bond villain, acts like a Bond villain, and even his name sounds like something an evil super genius would have – albeit one who tries to destroy the world using ice cream.The Stasi were the fearsome state security service of Communist East Germany – often acting as a proxy force for the Russian KGB – and for over 40 years they performed some of the most brutally repressive yet highly effective intelligence activities the world has ever seen. The slums of the Indian city of Mumbai are some of the largest in the world, with the Dharavi slum home to nearly a million people alone. If you’re around Missouri way this weekend and you wanna take the kids on a bone-chilling excursion, why not swing by the Glore Psychiatric Museum and see such sights as the wall of terrifying thoughts…This is Bashir al Assad, and he is the President of Syria. You know; that place where all the bad stuff is happening? This final entry runs those slum tours pretty hard in the race for the most messed up tourist attractions in the world, because in Portugal’s Praia Da Luz you can take a tour of the key locations involved in the tragic case of a missing three-year-old girl.

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