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7 SECRET Undiscovered Treasures

7 Secret Undiscovered Treasures of the World

Okay, so you can’t actually make an omelette with Fabergé eggs, but if you find one of the missing ones you could pay someone to make you omelettes every day for the rest of your life, because right now there are seven Fabergé eggs missing, and each with a value of around 8 million dollars.

No you haven’t missed a news bulletin where the Queen Elizabeth suffered a homeinvasion, the current set of Crown Jewels held by her Majesty date back 350 years to the reign of Charles the second. But there have been many collections of shiny hats and bejewelled wands called the Crown Jewels, with some dating back as far as 200 BC. However it is the Crown Jewels of the 13 th Century which we are interested in, because in 1216 the English King John claimed that he simply lost them.

So it makes sense when jewels, gold and paintings go missing because these are things you can just pick up, stuff inside your jacket and haul ass with. But how do you lose an entire room? Well that’s exactly what’s happened with the missing Amber Room.

Most of the entries in this list have concerned just the one piece of treasure or a single undiscovered location, but the list of fancy things alluded to in the Dead Sea Scrolls point to a treasure haul in multiple locations across Israel worth over 1.2 billion dollars. Even the Kardashian mansion doesn’t have that much booty laying
about the place.

The legend of El Dorado has become slightly warped over the years, just like John Travolta’s face. But unlike John Travolta’s melty hangdog features this legend is actually made of something real. El Dorado is thought by many to an ancient Incan city stocked with gold but lost amongst the rainforest, but whilst the name El Dorado actually refers to a South American Chieftain, the legend of the missing gold is no myth.

The legend of the Knights Templar continues to this day thanks to crazy conspiracy theories about their links to Freemasonry and Jesus, the mysterious meetings of the Bilderberg Group, and that crappy god-awful book by Dan Brown. But the Knights Templar did exist for several centuries, and in that time they acquired great riches thanks to their aggressive actions and generous benefactors.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel