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7 SECRET Super Weapons That Actually Exist

7 Secret Super Weapons in the World

Both the military and the police are always looking for new, non-lethal ways to take down an opponent. Partly because interrogating a corpse is notoriously difficult, but mostly because huge piles of dead bodies don’t look so good on the evening news bulletin. It’d be great if all those racist cops shooting black kids to death could have their guns replaced by non-lethal weapons. I mean, it’d be better if they weren’t racist in the first place, but we can’t have everything can we.

The Active Denial System is an interesting name, because when it is fired in your direction what it denies you is the ability to not cook like popcorn in a microwave. The ADS uses directed energy to heat the surface area of anything in its targeting range, whether that’s a fried egg, a minute steak, or a human being’s skin.

In our list of the top 5 mysterious diseases we briefly touched upon the US Military’s experiments in the first Gulf War at using high-power sound waves to control or attack soliders. But this technology has come on a lot since the 1990s, and there are weapons out there right now which can reduce human beings into a blubbering, defecating mess quicker than an Oscar winner’s acceptance speech.

If you’re going to recruit one of the X-Men to help your military cause you could do far worse than Storm. Not only is she capable of controlling the weather, but she’s also super-hot. Sadly for humanity the real-life Laser Induced Plasma Channel is just as destructive but nowhere near as pretty to look at, especially if you’re on the end of its wrath.

If you’re a first person shooter fan there’s nothing better than hitting a killstreak which grants you an airstrike. You can flatten five of the enemy’s guys and probably a few of your own in one fell swoop within moments of calling it in. But in real life airstrikes don’t work that fast…at least, not yet.
Sorry Judge Dredd, that name doesn’t belong to you anymore because you are nowhere near as scary as the DREAD gun. This is a centrifugal gun which was first developed by Charles St George in 2006, and has been in development ever since. Rather than using gunpowder a centrifugal weapon works by firing projectiles using centrifugal force, and in the case of the DREAD gun that force is pretty spectacular.

In 2013 BAE systems developed a tank which could sneak up on unsuspecting enemies more stealthily than a guy taking a dump round his new girlfriend’s house. The ADAPTIV technology used uses infra-red and electronic frequencies to not only blend the tank into the background, but it can even make it appear as if it is something else entirely, such as a regular road car, a cow, or a little girl with a lemonade stand…probably.

Remember Robert Patrick as the T-1000 in Terminator 2? Of course you do, he’s one of the greatest movie villains of all time. Way better than the girl in Terminator 3 who mostly used her liquid metal form to grow bigger tits. Although admittedly they were distracting, so perhaps in the future breasts will be the most destructive super weapon of all? Sorry Waldo, you’ve been bumped.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel