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7 SECRET Messages Hidden in Plain Sight

Evidence shows some slaves memorised a list of ten coded images and waited for them to appear on a quilt hung outside by a plantation seamstress. If a monkey wrench pattern was seen then the slaves knew to pack tools, a bear paw referred to a mountainous escape route, the north star meant to follow the north star to freedom, and the carpenter block indicated slaves should look to Jesus to guide them – which probably meant they were royally boned.

If you’re an urban dweller you’ve probably seen many symbols painted on the sidewalk you don’t understand. Random lines, circles, numbers and dots – most are actually engineering symbols. But not all of them. So if you see any of these symbols near your home, you might want to get a guard dog.

If you’re looking for love online you’ll know which code-words and phrases to look out for. Someone who “likes pets” is a crazy cat lady, the term “good personality” means they’re ugly as shit, but did you know there are actual codes used on dating profiles which indicate someone’s hidden attributes?

If a supermarket announcement requests Mr Extinguisher to meet Mr Flames in the lobby, either a fire or a huge coincidence has broken out. To avoid causing a panic many public announcers use codes to inform staff that something bad is happening.

Did you know many major companies hide secret messages about their services in the company logo? Ever noticed the arrow between the A and Z of Amazon? That signifies they sell everything from A to Z. Adidas logo, why that’s a mountain, because you can overcome anything if you buy their sneakers. Then there’s the hidden arrow in Fed Ex, the analogue and binary symbols in Sony Vaio, and presumably somewhere in Oscar Mayer’s logo there’s a hidden racoon anus.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel