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7 Sci-Fi Technologies Coming Soon

Watching a science fiction movie full of futuristic gadgets and gizmos elicits two kinds of emotional response from most people.

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Back to the Future showed us many amazing futuristic concepts; hoverboards, food hydrators, almost having sex with your mom, but none seemed as achievable as Marty McFly’s self tying sneakers.

This entry is a little bit of a cheat since it actually involves the replication of an object rather than its actual transportation elsewhere, as you’d see in Star Trek, but it’s still pretty nifty.

If you’re anything like me you’ll hate the way a smartphone in your jeans shorts back pocket ruins the line of your stunningly sculpted buttocks, but worry no more fellow ass-fans, because futuristic roll-up phones are almost upon us.

If you’re able to sit through the Speeder scenes in Star Wars without wishing you could take a ride on one, then quite simply you are not a human being and deserve to be taken into the desert and shot.

Is your soda can or tube of cookie dough sat staring at you across the room, agonisingly beyond the reach of your lazy, fat paws? Well in future you may be able to summon said object like a God, by using a sound-based sonic tractor beam to drag it towards you.

Out of all the technology demonstrated in Minority Report you’d hope PreCog crime prediction would be the one we’d get first, although in a way I suppose cops already have the ability to tell whether someone will commit a crime or not, it’s called racial profiling. Bam, Strange Mysteries is hella woke.

The TALOS Tactical Assault Light Operator Swimsuit may not be able to soar though the skies like Iron Man, and nor does it come with a sassy, in-built artificial intelligence to keep you in check, but the way this thing is built, it could definitely prevent you from pulling a full-on Don Cheadle and breaking your spine.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel