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From general buttnaked to Atill’s mean big brother to a few more….scary….characters these are 7 Real-Life Super Villians.

Joshua Milton Blahyi was a military commander notorious for the horrific atrocities he inflicted on Liberia during their civil war in the early 90’s, and his story has everything you’d ever want from a super-villain’s narrative arc.

Dr Basson ran Apartheid South Africa’s Chemical and Biological Warfare program during the 1980s, and this basically involved nothing more than thinking up creative ways to kill black people. During his time working for the South African Government Basson developed weaponised ecstasy, grenades spiked with hallucinogens and sedatives, and a toxic substance designed to cause infertility or death in the country’s black population.

Remember a few years back when Kony 2012 got 100 million views and everyone made those inspiring Facebook posts about how we should unite to defeat him? Well that right there is an example of how evil super-villains don’t give a rat’s ass about how many likes your social media rant gets, because Joseph Kony is still alive and continues to wreak havoc across Africa.

Attila the Hun is one of history’s most brutal warlords, leading his army of savage barbarians to countless victories over the Roman Empire, but for more than half of Attila’s reign he shared power with his big brother Bleda, and of the two of them Bleda was clearly the one with the super-villain tendencies.

Kickass name, check. Lots of murders, check. Weird reason for killing people, definite check. Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian Countess born into a noble family, so you’d think there’s absolutely nothing she could ever want for. But unfortunately for her victims Ms Bathory was obsessed with one thing, her youth, and in order to preserve it Elizabeth tortured and killed scores of young girls in order to bathe in their blood and consume it along with some of their body parts…and you thought your skin care routine was complicated.

Pol Pot was a Cambodian revolutionary leader who led the Khmer Rouge group to power in Kampuchea and later Cambodia between 1963 and 1997. During this time Pot systematically destroyed his own country and murdered nearly a quarter of his own people through starvation, overwork, and simply burying his enemies alive as a way of saving bullets, after making them dig their own graves.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel