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7 Pieces of LOST Knowledge & Technology That Could Change Humanity

With book burnings, the destruction of libraries and a little cold-blooded murder, throughout history we humans have managed to wipe out huge swathes of historical knowledge like a magnet over a hard drive.

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Ever wish you could get your hands on a few jars of that wildfire stuff in Game of Thrones to smite your enemies? Through studying hieroglyphs we know that music was extremely important to Ancient Egyptians, as we’ve seen depictions of wind instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments and even an audience clapping and dancing along. Archimedes was an Ancient Greek mathematician and physicist who created many astonishing theories and inventions which we continue to use today, but there’s one we still can’t figure out – the Archimedes Heat Ray.Silphium is a plant which was used by the Greeks and Romans as both a seasoning and a medicine. If you were to imagine what the Basque Country looks like you might think of hot women dressed in saucy lingerie, and you’d be partially right, because the Basque is an item adopted from the traditional dress of the Basque Autonomous region found in northern Spain.The term Indo-European language describes the collection of around 445 languages we use today which were all derived from a single tongue. Since our rise from the African continent, we believe that modern homo sapiens have existed for around 200,000 years, but since we only started behaving like modern humans 50,000 years ago, and then became civilised enough to write stuff down with the rise of the Neolithic Revolution around 8000 BC, we only have detailed information on the last 10,000 years, which is about 5% of all human history.

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