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7 of the Strangest Things Washed Up On Beaches….

The world’s ocean is a vast and mysterious place with many untold secrets and unseen oddities, yet occasionally she treats us to a glimpse of this weirdness by washing up strange creatures, confusing objects, and suspicious items upon our shores. Illegal narcotics, deformed creatures and human body parts are just some of the things we’re about to investigate in our list of seven strange things washed up on beaches.

Since August 20th 2007 over twenty human feet have washed up on beaches across North America, and we have no idea where most of them have come from. These amputated feet, or as I like to call them “leg hands” have been found on beaches in British Columbia, Canada and on the coast of Washington, USA. But of these twenty feet only two were pairs, meaning up to 10 people are either hopping around on stumps…or they’re dead.

In 2014 on the coast of Southern California a man casually strolling on the beach discovered a boat which had washed ashore. Strangely there was nothing and no one aboard this mysterious vessel…oh, aside from a one ton shipment of marijuana. Unsurprisingly nobody has come forward to claim the contents of this boat, but the guy who discovered it was arrested for “sampling” its most exquisite cargo before the cops got there. Eh, can you blame the guy?

Sakhalin Island is located in the Pacific Ocean on Russia’s east coast just north of Japan, in an area of territory long claimed by both countries. Because of this dispute both Japan and Russia maintain a military presence here, and in 2006 some of the Russian soldiers stationed nearby discovered something very odd washed up on the island’s shore – The Monster of Sakhalin.

On the 27th of December 1924 the staff of the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper were struggling for things to write about. The Kardashians hadn’t been born, there weren’t enough immigrants to blame for society’s problems, and the fad for claiming everything causes you cancer hadn’t yet taken hold. But nevertheless the Mail needed a snazzy headline to get people suitably excited and scared, so they ran with the ridiculous story of a “Fish Like A Polar Bear”.

These are Mobula Rays, which are the closely related and less-successful cousins of the Manta Ray Family. Imagine if James Franco had a not-so-famous brother called, I dunno, Dave or something. It’d be like that, except not as tragic.

Let’s say you stumble across the marijuana party boat we heard about earlier, and let’s also say you sample some of the products on board like the guy who got busted. With a literal boat-load of mary-jane you’re gonna be real hungry in no time at all, so wouldn’t it be great if a whole crate of Doritos just washed up on shore right that very moment?

The Hebrides Blob was a 12ft foul-smelling mass of gloopy flesh discovered in 1990 by a British Nanny called Louise Whitts on a Scottish beach called Benbecula within the Hebrides. Now obviously the most ridiculous and unbelievable part of this story so far is the use of the words Scottish and beach next to each other, but bear with me folks, because the discovery of this creature could turn out to be a momentous historical occasion.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel