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7 Mythological Ways To Become Immortal

Ever wanted to become immortal? You probably have, as have many other humans. Everyone desires to avoid death either out of thirst for knowledge, a love for living, or simply out of fear. On the other hand, most humans see it as a curse. Humans are fascinated by life. Since it goes on forever, there are so many myths associated with immortality. Here, we delve into the theories and myths advanced on 7 Mythological Ways To Become Immortal .

7 . Catch Hold of the Holy Grail
The Holy Grail is one of the most known pieces in Christian mythology. This is the bowl or cup that Jesus drank from at the last supper. It is also the container that Joseph of Arimathea collected Christ’s blood with at the cross.
6. Drink Ambrosia
Ambrosia, a drink that tasted like honey and delivered by doves to the Olympians, was the source of Greek gods’ immortality. Many mortals and demigods like Heracles were allowed to drink it while others stole it.
5. Eat the Golden Apple
The Golden Apples found in the Norse mythology could be one of the answers to how to become immortal. Golden apples are extremely important to the Norse deities compared to the Greek ones.
4. Eat the Magical Peaches
Peaches of immortality play a crucial role in the journey of the Chinese to the west. The monkey king, Sun Wukong, got immortality after eating peaches that he was assigned to protect.
3. Get a God Angry
Many Greek myths involving mortals described them to be extreme pride or hubris. So, many of them were punished to live forever because they had challenged or tricked the gods.
2. Taunt Jesus
In Christian mythology, there was this Jewish man that taunted Jesus on his way to be crucified, who is said to have hit Jesus with a shoe and asked him to hurry up.
1. Consume a Mermaid
Wondering how to become an immortal? As Japanese legend has it, one way is to eat a mermaid. Japanese mythology describes a mermaid-like creature called Ningyo. Ningyo is believed to be a carp and monkey cross that lives in the sea.

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