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7 MYTHICAL Places that Actually EXIST

7 MYTHICAL Places that Actually EXIST

From the home of Batman to the home of Robin Hood to some other crazy places…these are 7 Mythical Places that Actually Exist.

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Today the only place you’ll find a Trojan horse is your stepdad’s laptop after he visited all those sites he promised your mom he knew nothing about, but the mythological Trojan Horse from where these viruses get their name was just as sneaky – albeit nowhere near as gross.

The legend of King Arthur and his knights of the round table have long been examined for real historical links, and whilst records of him hunting down dragons and being bff’s with a wizard may not be entirely accurate, there is a lot of evidence that King Arthur was based on a real British king from the 5th and 6th Centuries, and that his mythical Castle Camelot was actually based in south-east England.

If you’re getting a few wrinkles you may be better off investing in some moisturiser and staying out of the sun rather than taking a trip to the Fountain of Youth, because whilst this place really does exist, its age-reversing abilities are about as effective as the leather jacket comb-over combination.

In the world’s most famous book about a disappointing hippy son disowned by his straight-laced overbearing father, the Bible mentions a magical place called the Garden of Eden, where amongst many delicious treats and exotic animals lay the tree of knowledge, you know, that one where that jerkoff snake convinced Eve to snarf down an apple and ruin things for everyone. Just smoke a cigarette Eve and lay off the apples you literal God-damned moron!

In our second example from Greek Mythology is this place, the Mavroneri River, which is located near Nonakris in the Aroania Mountains of Arcadia on the Greek Peloponnesian peninsula. Got that? Good.

Okay so I may be stretching the boundaries of what is considered mythological here, but what were King Arthur and Jesus if not old-timey Batman clones? As a relatively recent cultural creation the Batman universe understandably contains some buildings and places that were based on real world locations, and many of you probably live in one of them. Hopefully not the first one though.

This may seem like a dumb entry to people from the UK who know that Robin Hood’s home is a real place, but you’ve gotta remember two things. First of all, the UK has a lot of crazy legends and sometimes it’s hard to remember what’s real and what’s made up. And secondly, less than half of all Americans own a passport, we don’t know squat about what’s outside our own back yard, some people probably think Hogwarts is a real school and that Benedict Cumberbatch is a fictional James Bond villain, so occasionally we have to cover the basics.

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