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7 MYTHICAL Creatures that Actually EXISTED

7 Mythical Creatures that Actually Existed

From hobbits to krakens, vampires, things from the game of thrones, to…well…some other scary stuff, these are 7 Mythical Creatures that Actually Existed.

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In 2003 a team led by archaeologist Mike Morwood conducted an excavation on the island of Flores in Indonesia, when they discovered the skeleton of a human only a pinch taller than one metre. But it wasn’t a child, and nor was it a prehistoric Danny De Vito. This skeleton is believed to be an example of the long extinct homo floresiensis, a hobbit-like creature which lived between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago.

The number of Dire Wolves in Game of Thrones seems to be diminishing by the episode, but these giant hounds were a real species, and the last is thought to have died out only 10,000 years ago. Their Latin name is Canis dirus, which translates as fearsome hound, and fearsome they certainly were. It’s teeth were capable of gliding through flesh like a sword through Ned Stark’s neck – oh by the way spoiler alert, but heck if you’ve not seen the first damn series then what are you even doing with your life?

If you’ve seen our mysteries of the ocean video you’ll know that Colossal Squids are thought to roam the oceans, but could one have grown to such a size that it could take down an entire ship?

Whilst there’s no evidence of any human beings transforming into a bat, or being able get away with having such a clichéd accent without being punched in the face, many of the ailments and qualities vampires supposedly possessed have been observed and diagnosed in humans, leading many to wonder if these conditions were the original source of the vampire myth.

The internet is obsessed with three things – kitty cats, bacon and zombies. If you could combine the three into some sort of café where they serve you the smoked flesh of reanimated felines who sit casually on your lap as you consume their delicious zombie kitty-bacon, you’d make millions.

n our recent video on the possibilities of genome editing we heard about a genetic scientist who claimed the creation of flying dragons was technically feasible, but as most of you who’ve been to the zoo already know, dragons genuinely do exist, albeit much smaller ones minus the fire and wings. But what you might not have known is exactly how big they used to be.

The South Korean legend of the Imugi talks of a long serpent-like dragon which was not a destructive gold-hoarding psychopath like those from European folklore, this one was actually quite a nice guy. It is likely that this mythical beast was based on the huge reticulated pythons found across Asia, of which largest was a quarter tonne monstrosity which measured 24 feet and was found on a Malaysian building site earlier this year. Imagine finding that on your lunch-break.

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