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7 Mysteriously SECRET Vaults and Archives

7 Mysteriously SECRET Vaults and Archives

From religious vaults to strange things kept by the government to banks that may be more than just banks…these are 7 Mysteriously SECRET Vaults and Archives.

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The Granite Mountain Records Vault near Salt Lake City, Utah is a facility owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and they claim it contains nothing but administrative paperwork and genealogical records. However, since both the public and most Mormon Church members are not permitted access, there has been much speculation about what really lies within this heavily protected mountain structure.

The Federal Reserve is the central banking system of the United States with 12 physical locations dotted around the country. But it is the New York branch which is considered the most mysterious, because of what it may or may not contain.
The New York Federal Reserve is estimated to hold nearly a quarter of all the gold in the entire world, with many foreign governments taking advantage of its heavy security to store their own bullion reserves. But rumours similar to those regarding Fort Knox have led to the accusation that the gold supposedly stored here has actually been gone a long, long time.

The reason we’ve grouped together many different independent vaults across Switzerland is because this country’s bank storage facilities are considered some of the safest and most secretive on the planet. The world’s wealthiest citizens pay huge sums of money to keep their money and artefacts here, because not only is it safe, but the country’s lax banking laws make it easy to hide both your wealth and your possessions.

This is a picture of the Iranian Central Bank. This is a picture of the Iranian Imperial Treasury. And this is a picture of a random Iranian mountain. Which one of these contains Iran’s gold reserves? Nobody knows, well, nobody outside of Iran anyway.
In order to avoid sanctions from western nations during the tension of the past few years the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken steps to move their gold reserves away from the influence of the US and Europe, and have subsequently hidden them away like squirrels preparing for winter.

In Pennsylvania’s Butler County lies one of the most fascinating collections of historical artefacts and secret information the world has ever, and perhaps will ever know – The Iron Mountain.

In the year 2000 the Haven Company data storage facility was opened on a disused oil-rig in the North Sea. The rig operated within the territory of Sealand, which is a self-declared independent region of Britain. Remember when Peter Griffin declared his house as an independent nation within the USA? That’s basically Sealand in a nutshell, but because the people there aren’t doing any harm Britain just lets them have their fun.

The Vatican’s archive is over 400 years old and contains historical records, papal correspondence and many other important documents which have been accumulated by the Catholic Church for over a millennium. In 1881 after centuries of secrecy it was decided that scholars should be allowed to study the archives, which are so voluminous they have to be kept on more than 85 kilometres of shelving, but speculation persists that there is some extra material hidden away which the Vatican does not want anyone to see.

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