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7 Mysteriously Secret Underground Locations

When secret underground locations are finally uncovered after hundreds or thousands of years it’s always a bit of a thrill.

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Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in Britain, with its mixture of medieval and Georgian buildings complimented by the spectacular sight of Edinburgh Castle looming over them. Is there a giant underground city hidden beneath New York’s Central Park?In 2010 a team of Austrian archaeologists using radar technology managed to find a city lost for over 3,000 years…Avaris. Erdstalls are a strange type of tunnel of which thousands can be found scattered across Europe, and to this day we still don’t know precisely what their purpose was. The Dark Star is a gargantuan limestone cave system found inside the mountains of southern Uzbekistan’s Boysuntov Range, and as we begin to explore more and more of it we’re starting to realise that it may be home to the deepest cave on Earth.Mount Yamantau is a peak within Ural Mountain range, and when you hear what supposedly goes on in here you won’t be surprised that its name literally translates as Wicked Mountain.You know what we could use in these trying political times? A good old fashioned underground cult…

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel