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7 Mysterious Coincidences from History that Shouldn’t Have Occured

When you’re about to call your mom and she calls you, that’s a coincidence. When you run out of milk right when you wanted a cup of coffee, that’s your own stupid fault.

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The number of coincidences linked to 9/11 is well known to conspiracy fans by now, with the most notable being the remarkable discovery of the suspected terrorists’ passports, the missing frame of Pentagon CCTV at just the right moment and the infamous Project For A New America Century meeting just a few months earlier, where it was suggested a new Pearl Harbour might be needed in order to push through military spending increases. Robert Todd Lincoln was the son of President Abraham Lincoln, but unlike other kids he didn’t collect Pokemon cards or marbles or stickers, he collected dead presidents. One or two years prior to the assassination of his father by John Wilkes Booth, Robert Todd Lincoln was stood on the platform of a train station in Jersey City when the heavy crowds forced him to become pressed against a stationary train. Here’s a quickie for ya. The construction of the Hoover Dam in Nevada was bookended by an eerie and tragic coincidence involving the Tierney family. Tsutomu Yamaguchi either has to go down as one of history’s luckiest or unluckiest people, depending on how you look at it. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket was the only full length book ever written by 19th Century Horror writer Edgar Allen Poe, and it told the story of four shipwrecked crewmen who were trapped together in an open boat for many days, with their hunger eventually overcoming their sense of morality and causing them to cannibalise their young cabin boy, Richard Parker.Arnold Schoenberg was an Austrian co

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