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7 Mysterious BADASSES From History

BIGGEST Mysterious Badasses from History Ever

Boudica was the husband of Prasutagus, the king of a 1st Century Celtic tribe known as the Iceni. The Iceni were allied with the Romans, and when Prasutagus died his will gifted equal power to both Rome and his daughters.

Grigori Rasputin, also known as the mad monk, was a trusted friend of Tsar Nicholas the second of Russia who wielded great power over the country after reportedly healing the children of the Prime Minister and the Tsar Nicholas from various illnesses using prayer.

A wrestling princess sounds like some weird fetish found somewhere on 4chan, but the real life wrestling princess Khutulun was just as badass as anyone on this list. Khutulun’s helped her Mongolion warrior father win many crucial battles, including the defeat of her uncle Kublai Khan, Grandson of Genghis.

Andrew Carnegie was born into a poor Scottish family in 1835, but at the time of his death aged 83 he had become one of the richest men of all time. Carnegie emigrated with his family to America age 13, and he obtained badass status by dragging himself up from working at a cotton mill through to running railroads, and eventually opening steel plants which he later sold for a sum worth $14 billion today.

Hugh Glass was a typical 19th Century American frontiersman who spent his time trapping animals for fur, trading pelts, and exploring around the Missouri River. Until one day, something happened which would transform Hugh Glass from man, into mythical legend.

Aged 16 Ching Shih was working as a prostitute and was captured by pirates. She married Cheng the first, their leader, but when he died in a tsunami Ching Shih began weaselling her way into his position as leader, and she succeeded.

No we’re not referring to the famous plague, we’re talking about a man who pretty much had to fight both sides in one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.

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