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7 Mysterious and SECRETIVE Companies

Many major companies have secrets, but some are a little more protective than others, because some work outside of the law, others run their own secret armies, and some companies commit terrible atrocities and attempt to block investigations, for fear of what the public might find out.

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Lockheed Martin is an American aerospace, defense and security company with a heavy interest in advanced technologies. They receive more money than any other contractor from the US Government, despite the fact they’ve been convicted of many serious crimes, including illegal spying activities and harvesting personal and commercial data.

Since its formation in 1998 Google has acquired huge amounts of power, information and wealth to become the most visited website in the world, with their motto of “Don’t Be Evil” recently changing to the rather sinister “Do The Right Thing”. What does this mean? Is the right thing sometimes evil? Like kicking a dog in the face before it bites your kid brother in the nuts?

You’ve probably never heard of the Renaissance Technologies hedge fund management company, but that’s exactly the way they like it. Renaissance operates a global trading portfolio of more than twenty-two billion dollars-worth of assets. To put that into perspective, that’s one billion dollars each for every person who actually enjoyed the Adderall overdose advert that was Suicide Squad.

Whether you believe the scare stories about genetically modified foods or you think they’re simply the next logical step in human agriculture, you can’t help but feel a little uneasy about the practices of GM’s largest producer Monsanto.

Cellebrite may sound like something you use to polish celebrities, but they’re actually a secretive Israeli tech company whose data extraction techniques are used by cellphone providers and law-enforcement agencies. In fact much of their technology can be found in Apple stores today, which is surprising, since they probably helped the FBI to hack their encryption.

Before you go feeling sorry for Steve Jobs’ turtleneck-wearing ghost, don’t forget Apple themselves are incredibly secretive regarding their products and marketing efforts, and if you attempt to break this secrecy they will spare no expense to obliterate you.

Blackwater are pretty much the closest thing on Earth to an evil supervillain’s organisation right now. The company’s founder was former Navy Seal Erik Prince, who already sounds pretty badass, and on his watch they employed thousands of former military personnel to act as a private mercenary army, with their missions involving top-secret black operations in both the US, the Middle East and beyond.

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