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7 Mysteries of Women WOMEN

When Professor Stephen Hawking was asked what topic occupied his thoughts for most of his waking hours, he replied “Women, they’re a complete mystery”.

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The biological purpose of a gentleman’s romance explosion is obvious, as the orgasmic ejaculation of semen helps to both fertilise an ovulated egg and stiffen up a tube sock into some sort of man-batter boomerang, depending on where it ends up.

This next entry contains my two favourite things, monkeys and boobs, because did you know that in the world of primates a female monkey’s breasts will grow when she’s breastfeeding, but then shrink back down when her young have finished suckling?

Ever wonder why it’s always the asshole in every movie who gets the girl? Why do nice guys always have to finish last?

Hippies and Ruby Rose aside, women generally keep their hair styled at a longer length than men, and have done for much of human history.

The quick answer is they’re not, according to accident statistics anyway.

Based on worldwide averages women live five years longer than men, although in some countries the difference is even greater.

In the UK the Office of National Statistics recently revealed that more women are identifying as bisexual than ever before, with the number rising by 48% over the past three years.

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