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7 Mysteries of MEN

Men. Sometimes when we hide our feelings we’re super mysterious. Other times, when we want sex or pizza, not so mysterious.

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There have been many lucky researchers who have delved deep into the cleavage of knowledge in order to find out why men love big breasts so much, and their studies have come to some pretty odd conclusions.

The random boner is the curse of all men, striking as it does at the least appropriate moments of male existence.

Ah the Wet Dream, or as my wife calls them, the soggy nightmare.

Uh-oh, triggered. But let’s analyse this question rationally shall we? Are men more hilarious than women, or is it merely a self-fulfilling prophecy?

The existence of males has intrigued scientists for a long time, as the act of reproducing sexually is known to be inefficient and dangerous for many creatures, yet still we see most multi-cellular species plumping for the hot and heavy world of male female reproduction.

The female x chromosome contains over 1,000 genes, but the male y chromosome has only 100, and some experts, including Australian scientist Professor Jenny Graves, believe that the fragility of the male chromosome means us guys are on the same list as Pandas, Black Rhinos and 80’s pop icons

Sorry folks, not everything on this list was gonna be hot and sexy. It’s a sobering fact that in almost every nation on Earth, you’ll see men committing suicide more often than women, and sometimes the ratio can be an astonishing five times higher.

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