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7 Most MYSTERIOUS Rituals from Around the World

7 Most MYSTERIOUS, Weird, and Strange Rituals from Around the World

From Hlobonga to creepy wax museims to Scient… these are the 7 most mysterious rituals in the world.

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The Zulus of Southern Africa perform some rituals which are just downright bizarre. When a Zulu man wishes to marry a girl he must obtain consent not from her parents, but from a group of senior girls in the same locality. High school would be very different if these practices were adopted worldwide, especially as these girls are also given power to decide when Hlobonga takes place.

The Freemasons are known for their huge influence over government and banks, and their links to illuminati conspiracies just won’t go away, but whether you believe these tales or not you cannot deny the masons are a pretty mysterious bunch. Once you’re in you’ll learn secret handshakes and code-words to identify other members, but it’s the initiation ceremony which will paints a more realistic picture of the ritual weirdness which awaits you.

Self-flagellation is the practice of whipping yourself to acknowledge either your sins through penance, or to identify with the everyday suffering endured by others. The mysterious Catholic organisation Opus Dei are known to practice this form of self-discipline using knotted ropes, and some even go so far as to wear a spiked metal belt called a Celice to increase the levels of delicious pain.

Did you think crazy rituals were just for humans? Wrong. Recent footage shot in January 2016 has shown a group of West African chimpanzees banging rocks against trees, protecting the rocks, and then putting them inside the trees to form a pile.

When a close friend or relative dies what’s the first thing you want to do? Maybe look through photo albums? Sit silently and relive old memories. Perhaps you’ll write a poem or listen to sad music? But if you’re Madagascan you celebrate the dead a little differently, because you take them out dancing.

Offering up a gift to the gods is a pretty common ritual amongst many religions, because apparently all-powerful beings respond very well to bribery and schmoozing. But for the Catholics who visit the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim in Brazil, a muffin basket just ain’t gonna do the trick.

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