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7 Most INSANE Crimes Ever Committed

If you’re anything like me you’ll know that on a bright sunny day, it’s hard to resist the urge to step out for a quiet afternoon’s murdering.

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Deliberately taking the life of another human being with no good reason is only legal if you’re fighting a war, you’re an American police officer, or you live in the Philippines with a total skank.

I love my cat, but only as friends, we’re not ready to take our relationship to the next level yet.

In the developing world, one out of every nine girls is forced into marriage before their 15th birthday, and in some countries the number of young girls who are trapped in wedlock is absolutely shocking.

They say possession is nine tenths of the law, but that’s not the case in Portugal, where being caught with a stash of weed, heroin or coke has not been a crime for over 15 years.

Are you watching this video with your family? I sure hope not, because things are about to get real uncomfortable.

In many Western countries it remained entirely legal for you to rape your spouse until the 1970s, at which point people started to realise the idea that something’s not a crime just because you’re married is pretty messed up. I

There is one place on Earth where you can commit the most brutal of crimes and never face punishment.

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