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7 Most EVIL KIDS in History

Let’s kick off with the obligatory reference to King Joffrey, who I personally think was a pretty straight up guy.

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Mary Bell was only ten years old when she murdered her first victim, four year old Martin Brown back in 1968, and what’s horrific is that her age is but one of the many shocking aspects of this case.

Young Amarjeet Sada had two years on Mary Bell when he took his first victim, as when he strangled and beat his six month old sister to death he was only eight years old.

Elagabalus became the Emperor of Rome at the age of 14, and while he ruled for just four years, he managed to fit in a lot of messed up stuff during his time in charge of the world’s most powerful Empire.

Jesse Pomeroy makes this list for the sheer number of children he might have killed, while he himself was just a teenage boy.

Murad the Fourth was made Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in 1623 aged only eleven years old, and he did many terrible things during his reign, including banning coffee and smoking, impaling those who defied him, ordering his disabled brother to be executed, and even drowning a group of women for the heinous crime of dancing.

Graham Young makes this list simply because of how calculating this evil killer was from such a young age.

School shootings are an all too common occurrence in the United States, but when Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson began their own high-school killing spree, they were just thirteen and eleven years old.

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