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7 MISSING Inventions

7 Strangely and Mysterious LOST Inventions

From earthquake machines, to ketchup, to an ancient remedy, these are the top 7 strangely and most mysteriously lost inventions.

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His neighbours repeatedly complained to police about noise and vibrations which shook the very foundations of their homes, and on one particularly violent occasion Tesla was forced to smash his own invention with a sledgehammer before it reduced his laboratory and the nearby area to rubble, and that invention was the Earthquake Machine.

6.) The Perfect Violin
During the 17th and 18th centuries the Italian Stradivari family crafted the finest violins, violas and cellos the world has ever seen, and sadly they’re the best we’re likely to see for some time. Nobody has ever been able to accurately reproduce the stunning sound quality of a Stradivari, because thanks to global temperatures at the time the wood’s density and treatment procedures are completely unique.

We know that the ancient Greeks were a pretty advanced society by anyone’s standards, except for their whole man-boy love thing, that’s kinda gross. But aside from all their philosophical and technological advancements the Greeks also had a solid understanding of medicine, in particularly how to treat depression.

Garum was a condiment made by the Romans using liquefied and fermented fish guts which were macerated in salt and left in the sun for three months. The clear liquid which formed on the top was strained off and mixed with an unknown variety of herbs, and this mixture was so popular the Romans built many factories dedicated to pumping out this weird fish-gut ketchup.

2.) Roman Concrete
The Colosseum, the Cloaca Maxima, The Pantheon, the Pont du Gard, what do they all have in common? Yes, they all look like places you’d parkour the crap out of on Assassins Creed, but they were also all built by the Romans, and aside from the damage caused by blunt force, each one remains standing as strong as ever today.

Many believe that whenever a strange metallic object is seen floating in the sky there’s only one place it could’ve come from, outer space. But if you believe the claims of Thomas Townsend-Brown, the origin of those mysterious objects may actually be a little closer to home.

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