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7 Medical Tests with Bizarre Results

Medical tests have proven many things which were blatantly obvious already; that drinking ten cans of energy drink a day will give you a heart attack, that internet trolls are most likely to be sadists, and that 91% of men and 84% of women have murder fantasies.

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If you had a button which could give you an instant orgasm, how often would you push it? Every day? Every hour? Every minute?

You may not be surprised to know that tests have shown using psychedelic substances such as magic mushrooms makes you feel calm, happy and joyful, until you realise that giant talking ice-cream cone you’ve been licking is actually your grandmother’s face, and she’s been dead ten years.

During World War 2 the US Navy wanted its sailors to be able to see infrared signals at night, to give them a crucial advantage in spotting the enemy before everything went all explodey and on fire.

Another weird discovery regarding sight came courtesy of a young man referred to in medical records only as DB, who visited London eye-doctor Michael Sanders complaining that he was half-blind.

This next entry was disturbing not so much because of the nature of the symptoms, but rather how quickly they presented themselves once the test began.

Here’s another psychological test with bizarre results for you, in fact why not have two, what’s the harm? It’s not gonna kill ya!

In 2005 Barbara Cordell, the head of nursing and sciences at Panola College in Texas, began investigating a friend of hers who was acting rather strangely of late.

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