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From a strange place known as Mu to…..hy’brasil….to IRELAND? These are 7 LOST and LEGENDARY lands.

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Sometime around the middle of the 19th Century an artefact known as the Madrid Codex was rediscovered in Spain, having originally been taken during the Spanish conquests of the Mayan civilisation. The various books which make up the codex are believed to date back to between 900 and 1521 AD, and when the first of these books was translated it described a gigantic continent smack bang in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean known as Mu.

Hyperboreans were a group of people mentioned in Greek mythology who lived in Hyperborea, and their land was described as a place where people lived to 1000, there were maiden choruses whirling and everyone enjoyed complete happiness. The God Apollo apparently holidayed there too; he must’ve owned a time-share or something.

Hy-Brasil is often called Ireland’s Atlantis, and refers to an island country said to be covered in mist which could only be seen once every seven years, like an album by Dr Dre, or Macauley Culkin’s mutant brother Mort who lives in a treehouse and screams himself to sleep each night longing for his brother’s sweet embrace.
Anyway, the legend of Hy-Brasil was based on Irish folk tales which told of large black rabbits populating the island along with a magician who lived in a stone castle.

In Cornish, Breton and Welsh legends Avalon was said to be a legendary lost island where King Arthur’s sword was forged and also where he was taken to recover from his wounds after the Battle of Calman. Today many linguistic experts believe Avalon was a bastardisation of the word afal, which means apple, so did the ancient Brits just lose some fruit and make up a whole legend about it?

The Greek philosopher Plato mentioned land called Atlantis in passing within his 360BC dialogues Timaeus and Critias as an aggressive naval power which attacked Athens from the sea before being submerged below the Atlantic Ocean by the Gods.
It was described as the home of an advanced civilization, and despite only receiving a relatively minor reference in Plato’s works the search for Atlantis has become an obsession for much of human history.

A leading candidate for Atlantis is the lost island of Antilia. Also known as the Isle of Seven Cities it appeared frequently on Spanish and Portuguese maps until the 15th century, when for some reason the island disappeared from cartographical documentation – that’s a fancy way of saying maps.

Ah the land of leprechauns, potatoes, shamrocks and Bono – we’re pretty sure Ireland exists, so what’s it doing on this list? And why’s it so great? Is it in competition with Great Britain? Why are you copying them Ireland, just think up your own name, like Awesome Ireland or Superspaztastic Ireland.

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