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7 INSANE Leaders From History

If you’re on the left you might think a leader is crazy because they won’t let in more migrants, whereas on the right you might believe a ruler is nuts for handing out more free stuff to the poor, but in reality, these are just everyday political differences.

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From 1985 to 2006 Sapamurat Niyazov, also known as Turkmenbashi, was the leader of Turkmenistan, you know, that country next to the Borat place, and during his time in charge he managed to fit in an impressive amount of crazy, most notably his penchant for renaming things

Caligula ruled the Roman Empire from 12 to 41 AD, and aside from sleeping with his sisters, spending huge amounts of money on a fancy bridge and ordering political prisoners to be decapitated over the lunch table, without a doubt his weirdest moment involved the time he needed to appoint a new senator.

King Zhou, also known as Di Xin, was the final king of China’s ancient Shang dynasty, and you can tell how well liked he was by the fact that the Chinese character used in his name is also the term for the part of a saddle which is most likely to covered in horse crap.

Martin Luther was a 15th Century German theologian whose reformations of the Protestant Church helped it to modernise and spread its message further throughout Europe.

Whoever succeeded John F Kennedy was going to have a tough time stepping into that man’s shoes, especially as they were full of his brains, and he’d have an even tougher time stepping into JFK’s notoriously active breeches, but when Lyndon B Johnson became President of the United States on November 22nd 1963, he attempted to become something of a womaniser in his own special way – by flashing his dong at strangers.

The United States gets a second entry on this list in the form of its sixth President, John Quincy Adams.

There are quite a few candidates in history who qualify for the title of the Mad King, and you know our winner has to be pretty nuts if neither the bride murdering spree of Henry the Eighth nor Christian the Seventh of Denmark’s incessant masturbating comes out on top…so to speak.

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