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7 Human Traits SCIENCE Can’t Understand….

7 Human Traits SCIENCE Can't Understand....

7 Human Traits SCIENCE Can’t Understand….

From the ____ we use to why we ______ to something scientists cease to be able to understand yet are faced with everyday…these are 7 Human Traits SCIENCE Can’t UNDERSTAND…

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Most of the world’s population is right-handed, with only around 1 in 10 humans predominantly using their left hand for writing, playing tennis and punching people in the face. Limb preference is thought to be developed within the womb, but experts are torn as to exactly what causes you to choose left over right. Some claim left-handedness is simply a recessive trait controlled by a single gene, whereas others believe slight oxygen deprivation to the left or right side of the brain decides which hand you’ll use.

Scientists can’t agree on a solid definition of what pain is, but generally speaking we believe it is our body’s way of telling us to stop doing something by activating our withdrawal reflex. That fire’s gonna cook your hand, let’s stop that. Those berries are gonna make you real sick, don’t eat those again. That knife in my guts really hurts, let’s play a different game mommy.

When you’re having your leg sawn off or your head stitched back together you’re not likely to enjoy the experience, unless you’re a masochist of course. So in this situation your doctor will pump you full of anaesthetics and shazam, no more feels. But whilst we know that anaesthetics shut off certain areas of your brain and prevent your nerves carrying pain signals, what we don’t know is exactly how these chemicals achieve this.

Your fingerprints form whilst you are in the womb, and it is thought they develop due to the differing growth levels seen in different layers of your skin, which causes the epidermis on top to buckle. Why we develop this buckled skin is up for debate though, with several theories posited including increased gripping ability and a better level of sensitivity. But whatever their general purpose, the uniqueness of each person’s fingerprints has no real biological value, in fact it actually hinders us in getting away with murder – unless you’re one of the hundreds of people born every year without fingertips of course. There is no evolutionary advantage to be found in having a unique set of fingerprints, so perhaps this is just one of those things that occurs for no reason, like a random attack in the street, or a new Will Smith album.

Puberty is the point at which humans begin to become sexually mature as a child’s body changes into that of an adult. The biological reason for this alteration is pretty obvious, but what isn’t so clear is why this development is accompanied by an aggressive and emotional attitude.

There’s no greater feeling than when you make somebody laugh their ass off, unless they’re doing it because you fell over, or because they saw you naked for the first time. But aside from a few vague social development theories there’s really no solid explanation of why human beings laugh.

Almost every major drug trial involves the use of a placebo to determine the treatment’s effectiveness, often in the form of a sugar pill, distilled water or a saline solution. But despite being one of the most widely studied phenomena we still have very little understanding as to how the placebo effect works.

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