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7 HORRIFIC Things Done by ONE Person

It’s bad enough when a group of people get together and commit a gruesome dastardly deed, but for some reason it feels even more unsettling when most of it is down to just one particular person.

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The title of the world’s worst serial killer is a tough one to call, with two candidates showing an equally disturbing resume, but either way, it’s a Colombian who gets the gold medal.

On Sunday August 1st 2004 in Asuncion Paraguay, folks at the Ycua Bolanos V Supermarket were going about ordinary business, buying milk, bread, meat, and whatever the hell else Paraguayan’s eat. I love Paraguay, but I don’t know what they like for dinner.

Thomas Midgley Jr was an American chemist and mechanical engineer responsible for two of the most devastating pollutants man has ever known. So much so, that environmental historian JR McNeill describes him as having more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in history. Oh well, at least he can put that in his twitter bio.

The 15th Century Wallachian Prince Vlad the Impaler was also known by another name – Vlad Dracula, and this isn’t because people thought he resembled the infamous blood-sucking vampire, it’s because he was him. Dracula was Vlad the Third’s genuine surname, and his horrific campaign of torture across Eastern Europe earns the Prince a place on this list without question.

In 1549 Spaniard Diego De Landa was one of the first Franciscan monks to arrive in Yucatan, now part of modern-day Mexico. Landa was instructed to bring Roman Catholicism to the Mayans, but if you think he was gonna knock on doors and hold a church outreach session you’re sadly mistaken, because Diego De Landa made his Inglorious Basterd namesake Hans look like Mother Theresa.

There have been plenty of lone-wolf terrorists around the world who have committed atrocities. Timothy McVeigh single-handedly killed 168 people with the Oklahoma City bombing, and earlier this year Omar Mateen murdered 49 people based on a warped ideology and his hatred for gay people. But Anders Behring Breivik makes our list ahead of them, because in a world where adults on both sides make messed up decisions, he decided to target young innocent children.

Only one person was going to top this list, and that is SS officer and physician Dr Josef Mengele. Stationed at Auschwitz during World War 2, Mengele was personally responsible for some of the most horrific human experiments in history, taking a specific interest in young children and twins.

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