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7 Hieroglyphs Surrounded in Mystery

The Egyptians don’t have a monopoly on hieroglyphs you know…

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In the late 1960’s archaeologists working in Western Iran excavated a series of small stone balls with hieroglyphic imagery on them. In 2013 a Scottish farmer was minding his own business, plowing his field of haggis or whatever, when he accidentally came across a gigantic stone covered in carvings on two opposite sides.The Tartaria Tablets were found in 1961 by archaeologist Nicolae Vlassa on the site of a Neolithic village in Romania, and the reason these old bits of pottery might be important is because we could be looking at the oldest known form of writing in the world.If the Tartaria tablets prove to have been falsely dated or they’re just a bunch of random scribbles, then the honour of creating Europe’s first proper language goes to the Minoan people. Rongorongo is a style of hieroglyphic writing practiced by the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island, but despite numerous attempts we’ve never been able to decipher the lost language of this mysterious civilization.Dr Alexander Peev was an archaeologist who was executed by Bulgaria in 1943, over accusations that he was a Soviet spy sending coded messages about Axis-aligned Bulgaria to the Allied powers. According to historians, this image is proof that the idea of circumcision originated in Ancient Egyptian culture, rather than the Hebrew tradition we know it as today.

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