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7 FREAKING INSANE Things Found Inside People

Nasty, natural and naughty are just some of the words we’d use to describe the entries on this list of seven insane objects found inside people.

In a scientific paper from Maryland’s National Centre for Biotechnology Information, the case of an unidentified 63 year old South Korean woman mentioned a shocking incident which occurred during a visit to a restaurant. The woman had been dining on calamari when her mouth began stinging.

37 year-old Rosemary Alvarez of Phoenix Arizona was suffering from a series of conditions including balance problems, difficulty swallowing and numbness in her left arm. So as any of us would do, Rose made an appointment with Dr Google and diagnosed herself with a brain tumour, but when she visited a real doctor it turned out Miss Alvarez’s condition was something far less deadly, but a whole lot creepier.
Rosemary Alvarez had a head full of parasitic brain worms, Taenia Solium to be specific. Her worms were removed successfully, but if they’d congregated in her brain stem she could’ve been paralysed or killed.

18 year old Ayperi Alekseeva was a woman on the brink of death. For several months this now emaciated Kyrgyzstani girl had been unable to eat or drink without vomiting, and her family knew she needed medical treatment before it was too late.
Ayperi was taken to hospital in the capital city Bishkek, and senior Professor of surgery Bahadir Bebezov took the decision to operate immediately. His team opened up Ayperi and noticed her stomach was suspiciously swollen. A small incision was made, and out of this tiny cut oozed a huge clump of gooey human hair.

If you need a break from all the gross brain worms and squid spooge on this list then try this entry on for size. 28 year old Russian Army trainee Artyom Sidorkin went to doctors complaining of horrific chest pain and that he’d been coughing up blood, and unless you’re an extra in a zombie movie that is never a sign that everything is hunky dory.

In 2013 one anonymous and kinky 39 year old Chinese man was watching a pornographic movie which involved a live eel going inside somebody, so he decided, as you do, to replicate the on-screen action for himself. The man took an eel, which he had right next to his bed for some reason, and forced it to slither up inside his rectum, only to lose grip of his slippery friend as it shot up inside his body.

However gross the guy with the eel up his butt was at least he was honest about it. Less forthcoming was another unidentified man who checked himself into Pakistan’s Nishtar Hospital in Multan with a glass bottle of Pepsi stuffed into his anus. Wow, the lengths some people will go when they can’t find a bottle opener.

Private Channing Moss was serving the US Army in Afghanistan when his convoy was attacked by insurgents wielding automatic rifles and Rocket Propelled Grenades. An explosion hit Private Moss’ Armoured Humvee and he was blasted against the side of the vehicle, slumping to the ground. As he tried to regain composure he realised he could smell something smoking, only to look down and realise it was his own flesh. So what caused it? A bullet? Shrapnel? No such luck.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel