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7 Creepy Real Life Stories Of Mysterious Creatures

From Lizard man to Mothaman Here are 7 Creepy Real Life Stories Of Mysterious Creatures

7. The Lizard People

Somewhere in the underbelly of Los Angeles, The Lizard People are said to hiding in the shadows, in a lost city that was nearly wiped out by a meteor, over five thousand years ago.
6. Bigfoot
No list of mystery creatures is complete without one of the most sought-after creatures in history: Bigfoot. Hundreds, even thousands, of stories of sightings of the hairy beast have surfaced over the years, but many have been debunked and few have ever been backed up with even the grainiest of photographic evidence. But one story stands out in particular, a second-hand retelling of a creature assumed to be Bigfoot, told by none other than President Theodore Roosevelt himself. In his 1892 book, The Wilderness Hunter, Roosevelt told the story of an encounter between an ape man and a man named Bauman.
5. The Loch Ness Monster
Although Nessie is far from the only legend of a lake monster, it is by far the most famous. The earliest reports of the Loch Ness Monster date back over 1,500 years, but the key account that landed the legend in the mainstream occurred in April of 1933, when a man named John McKay and his wife spotted the creature in the loch.
4. Chupacabra
Stories of the Chupacabra vary, but the general consensus is that the creature is about four to five feet tall, with short, powerful legs and red, glowing eyes. It is believed the Chupacabra preys on livestock and animals like cats, sheep, rabbits, dogs, chickens, dogs, hogs and more.
3. The Jersey Devil
Perhaps New Jersey’s most famous celebrity, even more famous than Tony Soprano himself, The Jersey Devil has been haunting the state for over a century now. Believed to live deep within the Pine Barrens, The Jersey Devil is rarely reported to be seen these days, but for an entire week in 1909, throughout the state and Delaware Valley.
2. Mothman
You might recognize Mothman from the 2002 Richard Gere film, The Mothman Prophecies. But this legend dates back well before Hollywood got their hands on it. The stories started in November 1966, and spanned through December 15, 1967.
1. Slenderman

While Slenderman is undoubtedly a fictional character created by Eric Knudsen (Victor Surge) as an internet meme in 2009, it has actually manifested itself in reality, earning it the top spot on this list. You may have never heard of Slenderman until the character made headlines in 2014.

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