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7 CREEPY Photos with EERIE Backstories

7 CREEPY Photos with Eerie Backstories

This photograph was taken on the 15th of August 1998 in Omagh, Northern Ireland. It shows a Spanish tourist with his child posing for a picture next to a red car. Both were part of a tourist group taking a trip through Omagh, but they might not have been so keen to go sightseeing if they’d known what the cops knew.

Regina Kay Walters was a 14 year old runaway from Texas who fled home with her boyfriend Ricky Lee Jones in 1990. At some point the pair were picked up by truck driver Robert Ben Rhoades, but if they knew what he’d been up to, and what was in his truck, they might’ve waited until someone distinctly less-crazy turned up to give them a ride.

17 year old Tyler Hadley of Port St Lucie, Florida wanted to host the party of a lifetime at his parents’ house, because obviously he had a lot to celebrate. He’d just dropped out of high school, he’d recently hit a child with his car, his family was being sued, so yeah, party time at the Hadley home.

This is a photograph taken by Filipino politician Reynaldo Dagsa of his wife Arlene, his mother-in-law and his daughter. But if you look to the left there’s someone else pulling a really weird pose with what looks like a magic ring. Why are you photo-bombing me with your magic ring strange man? Oh wait, that’s not a ring, that’s a gun; and that weird glow is the light cast when a bullet leaves the chamber.

On September 1988 19 year old Tara-Leigh Calico went missing near her home in Belen, New Mexico, and since then the only public sighting of her came in the form of this shocking picture found in a parking lot one year later.

Any guesses as to what this photograph depicts? Some sort of tree perhaps, or an ancient artefact dug up and exhibited for some top-brass military dudes? Nope, that right there is all that remains of Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov after his launch aboard the doomed Soyuz 1 craft, and this photo is taken from his funeral.

This is Budd Dwyer, who was Pennsylvania’s Republican treasurer from January 20th 1981 to January 22nd 1987. Mr Dwyer had recently been convicted of accepting a bribe from a California firm to which he had awarded a government contract, and on the 23rd of January he was scheduled to be sentenced for this crime.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel