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7 CREEPIEST Images Found on Google STREET VIEW

Google street view cars have caught many strange sights during their attempts to document the world…

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This shot of a hotel in the UK city of Liverpool may look ordinary at first, but when you zoom in to one of the windows…

What do you like to get up to at the weekend? Fishing? The movies? Some kind of ball based sports activity? I don’t really care, because whatever it is it’s certainly not as interesting as what this German guy does with his spare time.

If you go ahead and browse the images taken on Seymour Avenue in Tremont, Cleveland, you’ll notice everything looks pretty average, until you see one house has been completely blurred out. But why is that?

Here’s a lovely image from Detroit, Michigan of a few tough guys stood on a porch. See that blurry patch over the lead guy’s torso? No, it’s not because his member is poking out the top of his shorts, it’s because this guy is pointing a loaded gun at the Google street car.

So after that image of Ariel Castro’s kidnap lair you might be suspicious of any pictures we show that seem a little too innocent, and with this Google Street shot of a hard-working American worker driving through a sleepy rural village lined with trees, you’d be right to question such an assumption.

This shot was taken in the UK by a Google Street car of Worcester’s Middle Road, and it appears to show a young girl who has either been struck by a car, punched to the ground, or who’s just really interested in getting a close-up view of some asphalt.

Uh-oh, it’s innocent looking house time again. Have we got another kidnap victim on our hands? Yes indeedy do.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel