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7 CREEPIEST Dungeons in History

Thanks to Dungeons and Dragons and Fifty Shades of Grey the idea of a dungeon has become somewhat romanticised of late, as if you were to enter one most would expect a room full of nerds at worst, and at best…..

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On the 29th of August 1984 Elizabeth Fritzl helped her father Josef carry a door down into the basement of their home in Amstetten, Austria, but little did she know that by helping him put that door in place, she was sealing herself inside an underground dungeon which would be her home for the next 24 years.

Are you thinking of building your own dungeon of exquisite agony but don’t want to spend all that money on expensive chains, racks and iron maidens?

Over the past twelve months countless desert dungeons have been found by rebel fighters retaking lost territory, including these brutally small enclosures found in Northern Syria where Yazidi women were trapped for months in complete darkness and sweltering heat.

The dungeon in the Czech Republic’s Spilberk Castle has seen some gruesome things in its time; as having originally been built in 1277 as a Royal Castle, by the 17th Century it had become a prison slash fortress slash castle slash torture house slash your skin wide open.

It was pretty obvious that the N were gonna be on this list somewhere, but the exact site of one of their torture dungeons may just surprise you, as the chambers of despair you’re looking at right now once sat beneath one of the world’s most romantic and iconic landmarks – the Eiffel Tower.

Water Dungeons involve the idea of liquid being used to brutalise a person in a variety of creative and charming ways, but they typically involve a person being kept inside a locked cage with spikes on the inside, and this cage is submerged into a vat of filthy water, often filled with garbage or sewage, until the prisoner is chest deep.

Another kind of water dungeon could once be found in Amsterdam’s Rasphuis prison, but here, your grisly fate was entirely in your own two hands.

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