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7 CREEPIEST Abandoned Places on EARTH

For some strange reason whenever human beings abandon somewhere, mysterious things begin to occur out of the sight of prying eyes. Ghostly disturbances, creepy animal behaviours and life-threatening delinquency are just some of the things that have taken place in the places we’re about to explore, as we delve deep inside the seven creepiest abandoned places on earth.

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Around 50 years ago a reclusive Mexican artist named Julian Santana Barrera decided to relocate to an abandoned island on Lake Teshuilo in the Xochimilco woods just outside Mexico City. However, after only a few days there he discovered a young girl floating in the canal; and despite his best efforts to save her she sadly drowned. Barrera was wracked with guilt, so he hung a doll from a tree as a mark of respect – because what better way to commemorate a tragic young girl than by hammering a nail through a toy doll’s face.

Often called Canada’s most haunted place, the Merriton Tunnel near Thorold, Ontario comprises over 700 feet of pure dark terror. The entrance is now bricked up thanks to the number of drunken teenagers breaking into the structurally unsafe tunnel as a place to bone and get high, but when it was operational Merriton was the site for a string of horrifying accidents. 107 men died during construction of the tunnel and the nearby canal, but the most shocking incident came in 1903 when two steam locomotives crashed inside the Merriton.

Old Changi Hospital was built by the British in 1935 as part of a military base, but once the Japanese moved in during World War 2 things started to get pretty nasty. The Japanese occupied Singapore from 1942 to 1945 after overrunning British forces in the area, and during this time Old Changi was used as a prison and torture camp by the notorious secret police known as the Kempeitai.

The only place creepier than ghosts are crazy people ghosts – I’m not sure why that’s worse, it just is, but if you want to test this for yourself then the remains of Danvers State Hospital would be a good place to start.

The site of the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986 has to be on this list just for the sheer number of weird things seen by those who’ve dared to venture back. Once home to nearly 50,000 people, Pripyat today stands empty due to the high levels of radiation caused by the disaster, and won’t be habitable for humans for another 20,000 years. Many families were forced to flee their homes with no time to collect their possessions, and visitors to the site have described these fully furnished homes as an eerie snapshot of the Soviet world of thirty years past.
Also known as Miranda Castle, you may recognise this 19th Century Neo-Gothic construction from NBC’s Hannibal series. The Castle is now privately owned and remains empty aside from the occasional trespasser, but during its lifetime it has had some rather interesting occupants.

In 2012 the UK’s Camelot Theme Park closed its doors for the final time, and since then this once-popular attraction in the Lancashire town of Chorley has been left exposed to the elements and the attention of local vandals.

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