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7 CRAZY Cases of Unexplained Crimes

If you find a body riddled with bullet holes there’s a fair chance that person’s been shot to death.

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On August 31st 2004 this man was found unconscious, naked and sun-burnt behind a Burger King dumpster, and was given the nickname of Burger King Doe, because when he regained consciousness he had no idea what his own name was.In 2013 residents of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles began complaining that their tap water had been coming out black and tasted kinda funny, because apparently when their water looks like sewerage Californians just gulp that stuff down.Coal miner Zigmund Adamski was a Polish emigrant who lived in the small town of Tingley, England in the 1980s, when one day he failed to return home from running an errand. John Edison Malacay was just ten days old when he died in the Phillipino city of Talisay back in 2011, and his Grandparents, who were watching him at their Granddaughter’s house, told police they found him with blood oozing from his mouth and nose, and strange puncture marks all over his stomach.San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park was the scene of a gruesome and surreal crime back in 1981, as when LeRoy Carter was found dead inside a sleeping bag he was not only missing his head, but also had the wings of a dead chicken stuffed into the stump, along with some corn, because mom always said don’t forget to eat your veggies.Christopher Case was interested in replicating the music of Ancient Egypt, and when he met a San Franciscan witch who claimed to have knowledge of this field he gave her his address. Travis Walton was driving home with his logging crew in 1975 when a bright light appeared suddenly on the road ahead.

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