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7 CRAZIEST Self Experiments

7 CRAZIEST Self Experiments

From performing surgery on yourself to doing some weird stuff with a toilet…these are the 7 CRAZIEST Self Experiments.

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Johann Wilhelm Ritter was a German physicist fascinated by the possibilities of the Voltaic Pile – the world’s first ever electric battery. This new technology invented in 1800 led directly to the isolation of five new elements and the discovery of the electrolysis of water. But Herr Ritter wasn’t interested in this, he just wanted to give it a good old lick and see what happens.

Frederick Hoelzel was an insecure teenager with self-esteem issues about his weight, so he decided to put himself on an extremely strict diet, where his daily calorie intake was approximately…zero.

When you imagine doctors carrying out experimental research do you picture them sat in a lab quietly analysing stacks of data, with only the occasional “hmmmm” to break the silence? Well you’re imagining it wrong, there’s not nearly enough ball kicking and drinking, as the world’s first successful experiment into spinal anaesthesia will now demonstrate.

In 1933 London doctors Herbert Woollard and Edward Carmichael wanted to discover whether damage to one area of the body would cause pain to be felt elsewhere. Heart attacks are known to cause arm sensations, shoulder-blade pain can indicate liver trouble, and rapid cooling and rewarming of sinus capillaries transmits pain via the vagus nerve to your head – which is also known as an ice-cream headache.

16th Century Italian Nobleman Santorio Santorio had a rather strange curiosity and also the most unimaginative parents ever. Santorio was intrigued by human physiology, and one day, presumably after taking a particularly hefty dump, he began to wonder about the volume difference between how much we consume and the small amount of waste we expel. So where does the rest go? Are fairies shipping away my turds in my sleep? After all, they collect teeth, so why not?

On October 10th 1878 Sicilian Doctor Giovanni Battista Grassi was conducting an autopsy when he noticed his cadaver’s intestines were surprisingly large. He sliced open these over-bloated guts and out burst a throng of tapeworms and their eggs. At this point most people would be pretty grossed out at a mixture of dead-guy-poo, parasites and worm eggs, but not Dr Grassi. His first thought was, ooh, I bet I could eat those.

If you’re a bored chef you might fix yourself a tasty meal just for the hell of it. Restless mechanics might take a morning to tune up their own car. But what do doctors do with their free time? Well, if you’re Dr Evan O’Neill Kane you might treat yourself to some impromptu surgery.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel