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7 Civilizations that MYSTERIOUSLY Disappeared

7 Civilizations that MYSTERIOUSLY Disappeared

7 Civilizations that MYSTERIOUSLY Disappeared

From strange native americans that built the first big metropolis before Philadelphia to the home of the minotaur to the ancient island of Crete, these are 7 Civilizations that Mysteriously Disappeared.

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The Mayans are the perfect example of a flourishing nation with so much going for them who simply ceased to exist. They’re the Heath Ledger of civilizations, dying way too young after burning pretty darn bright in their early years. So what happened to them?

Between 6000 and 3000 BC a strange civilization existed in the regions of modern-day Romania, Ukraine and Moldova. These people are known as the Cucuteni-Trypillians, and whilst potential reasons for their disappearance include climate change or the expansion of the nearby Kurgan culture, it may also have something to do with their weird habit of burning down their own houses.

You may think densely populated cities only came about after the arrival of European settlers, but before that there was actually a major Indian settlement of around 40,000 people located close to the Mississippi River. We call this place Cahokia, and the remains of this six mile-wide city can still be found around Illinois today. Cahokia was founded around 600 AD by an unknown tribe hailing from the Mississippi culture, and was the largest settlement North America had ever seen until the growth of Philadelphia in the 1800s.

The Minoan civilization existed on the Greek island of Crete from as early as 5000 BC, and was the purported home of mythical king Minos and his half-man half-bull stepson the Minotaur, who was born after his wife was apparently seduced by a bull. The Palace of Knossos is believed to be part of the labyrinth in which Minos, the world’s worst stepdad, supposedly kept his bastard Minotaur, and as a major city of commerce this was just one of many elaborate buildings built by the Minoans.

When the Minoans packed up and moved out of Crete the Mycenaean people of the Greek mainland decided to head over to the island and squat for a while, and when I say a while I mean about 350 years, which is a pretty short stay for a whole civilization of people, unless they’re sleeping on your couch, then it’s a long time.

The earliest people to settle North America are believed to be the Clovis, who lived there more than 10,000 years ago. These were a typical hunter gatherer group who hunted mammoths, mastodon and many other species which are now extinct, so thanks a bunch for that you Clovis jerks. The only evidence we have for their existence is limited to a small number of artefacts such as bones and stone blades known as Clovis points, which were often found embedded within mammoth skeletons. But if we could find out more about the Clovis people we may finally start to understand how the Americas first came to be populated.

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