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7 BIZARRE Psychological Disorders

Mental health is an area of care the world needs to invest in, and you’ll surely agree when you hear about some of the shocking conditions on our list of seven bizarre psychological disorders.

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Macaulay Culkin famously looks like a walking corpse, but unlike sufferers of Cotard Syndrome he doesn’t genuinely believe that he is one. Also known as the Cotard Delusion, sufferers of this condition believe that they are either dead or gradually dying, sometimes feeling as if they have no blood or organs in their body, and that their flesh is slowly putrefying before their very eyes.

Going out for dinner with friends can be pretty tough if you’re all indecisive. Where shall we go? What shall we eat? Are you getting a starter? Shall we go Dutch? How much are you tipping? How do forks go in mouth? I chew food now? Brain no work so clever. If this sounds familiar you and your friends may just be annoying jerkoffs, or you could be suffering from Aboulomania.

Have you ever wondered how much of yourself you could eat before you became nothing but a stomach lying on the ground? Well those with Autophagia might, because their disorder causes them to impulsively eat parts of their own body.

Confabulation might sound like a swear-word Mr Burns would use after crashing his auto-gyro into the Archduke’s electric flim-flam carriage, but it’s actually an incredibly frustrating form of mental disturbance which causes your brain to produce memories that are entirely false, yet completely believable.

When you see someone who’s upset what’s your typical response? If it’s to ask them if they’re okay and try to help you’re a good person. However, if instead you make a snarky remark like “smile, it may never happen!”, then not only are you a total asshole, you may also be causing the development of a serious psychological problem.

Kleptomania is the well-known impulse control disorder which causes people to steal repeatedly, even though they neither need nor desire the object they’re taking. It’s the same kinda feeling bankers and corporate fat-cats must have when they’re hoovering up the money of the poor. They don’t really need it, they just have an urge. Maybe we should feel sorry for them? Naaa.

Let’s begin by saying this complex has nothing to do with the singer Madonna, who right this moment is busy using Pokemon Go to catch herself a bunch of new children down the park.

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