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7 Absolutely Absurd Animal Crimes

Harambe, Cecil, John Wick’s puppy – animals are more often the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators, but every so often…

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In the 15th Century Europe was still in the midst of its witch crisis, burning random women and men to death for the most innocuous of reasons.

Whereas the egg-laying rooster was almost certainly not guilty of its purported crime, in France many pigs have been seen doing some pretty nasty stuff, and being tried and executed for it.

This next tale involves even more cruelty to pigs, but don’t worry, because there’s also virtual reality mixed into the case too, so it does lighten up eventually.

If you’re a butcher and you want to ruin a rival’s business what would you do?

For criminals in the icy region of Siberia, making a clean getaway from the cops can be quite complicated.

I won’t lie to you, there are some great animal-based crimes out there, and many are far more interesting than this next entry, but this one lets us show you footage of monkeys getting wasted and kicking ass, so it’s staying.

Our final entry concerns a group who throughout history have suffered abuse, persecution and accusation unlike any other species on Earth.

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