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6 LIFE CHANGING Future Developments

Spiralisers, light up sneakers, smartphones without headphone jacks; plenty of interesting yet instantly forgettable developments come along almost every month, and each one claims it’ll change our lives by revolutionising the way we pet dogs or eat ramen.

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It may seem like we’ve been waiting for 3D printing to get its ass in gear for a long, long time, but actually there have been huge strides made in the past year with this technology, meaning we could be on the cusp of a revolution in the way we buy and sell everyday products.

The world’s first beef burger patty made without mincing up an actual cow debuted in London three years ago, after being created by Dr Mark Post at MaastrichtUniversity.

Right now there are thousands of self-driving cars traversing the roadways of the world, and even though there have been a few notable accidents, the vast majority of these can be blamed on human error.

Elon Musk is really keen for people to go places, does he hate humanity that much he wants to launch us all to Mars and fire our meatsacks through giant underground tubes?

The idea of universal income basically involves giving people free money to do whatever they want, which, depending on your political leanings, you may believe we do too much of already.

Have you ever posted one of those statements onto your Facebook profile which categorically refuses permission for anyone to use or sell your data?

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