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5 Weird Uses For Hair!

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Hair is weird, and it’s all over our bodies! It’s meant to help keep our bodies warm, but some people have found some other odd uses for it. Join Trace as he runs down 5 of the weirdest things that people are doing with human hair.

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How Much is Your Hair Worth?

“The Hair Price Calculator is a unique tool, created by HairSellon to value and estimate how much your hair is worth. Simply enter your details in the form below and click calculate.”

Recycled Human Hair Chair

“So you want to declare your undying love to someone very close and want something which will be both individual and ever-lasting; then start saving a few dollars more a week and discreetly collect all the hair that your special friend discards and you’ll be well on your way to your own Pilius X — the ergonomic chair made from human hair.”

By the Prophet of the Earth

From food to fashion, the thriving market in human hair

“The trade in human hair is a growing – and very lucrative – market, with a new film by US comedian Chris Rock looking at the industry. But what can human hair be used for?”

10 Bizarre Uses for Your Discarded Hair

Top 10 Strange Uses For Human Hair

“You know when you get your hair cut and there’s just a pile of it left on the floor? Did you ever wonder what happens to it?”

NASA Tests Hair-Raising Technique To Clean Up Oil Spills

“Most folks with oily hair use shampoo to get the oil out. But one Alabama hairdresser likes oily hair and is working with NASA to use human hair to soak up oil spills.”

The Hair Chair: Weird Sustainable Style

“Human hair is stronger and more resilient that ubiquitous fiberglass, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before it found its way into functional consumer products, furniture and the like.”

Chinese company makes soy sauce from human hair

“China Central Television (CCTV), the state television station, first raised public worries over the quality of domestic soy sauce by uncovering a substandard workshop in central China’s Hubei Province, where piles of waste human hair were found.”

Apex Predator suit made out of human hair

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