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5 Ways Humans Could TIME TRAVEL

There are few concepts which both baffle and arouse the human mind like the prospect of time travel….

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Einstein’s theory of special relativity tells us that time slows down or speeds up, depending on how fast you are moving compared to something else.

It was Albert Einstein who also suggested the theoretical existence of wormholes, but what are they, and how might they work?

Did you know that gravity can bend time? And since objects of large mass inevitably produce a stronger gravitational field, scientists believe that this is why time seems to slow down whenever you’re talking to a fat person.

If you thought travelling at light speeds seemed risky, then Stephen Hawking’s other suggested method of time travel makes that look about as dangerous as playing with a ketamine addicted kitten in oven mitts.

In most science fiction stories where time travel takes place, it does so using some kind of time machine, or in the case of Bill and Ted, a retrofitted 1980’s telephone box.

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