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5 Tips To Survive Final Exams

Finals week is approaching quickly, and some of you might be stressed out. While exams are stressful, there are ways to make this time more manageable. Join Laci as she provides 5 helpful tips to do better on your final exams.

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“When you look back on your school days, doesn’t it seem like you studied all the time? However, most of us seem to have retained almost nothing from our early immersion in math, history, and foreign language.”

Highlighting Is a Waste of Time: The Best and Worst Learning Techniques

“Some of the most common strategies for retaining knowledge are the least effective, according to a new report.”

Toughest Exam Question: What Is the Best Way to Study?

“Here’s a pop quiz: What foods are best to eat before a high-stakes test? When is the best time to review the toughest material?”

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