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5 Things That CAN’T Kill You

Did you know that no Americans have legally died of old age since
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the 1950’s, and that in the entire history of humanity, nobody has biologically died from old age either? When someone is deemed to have died from old age that’s not strictly true; on the death certificate you’ll most likely see heart disease, organ failure or sepsis listed instead. Can you imagine what would happen if you woke tomorrow to the news that Wi-Fi signals cause cancer – would we be as blasé as smokers were when they found out? If you were hanging out in space, chilling with your space pals in your expensive space suit sipping on space margaritas, what would happen if you tried to do the space splits and you tore a hole in your space pants? This entry has a huge disclaimer at the end, so can you please stop licking that raw chicken breast until we’ve finished. Earlier this year a British Government campaign aimed to raise awareness of the dangers of burnt food, so if you’ve just charred a nice chicken breast into cinders after reading out last entry, I’d throw it in the trash.

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