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5 Terrifying Cases Of Real Vampires

5 Terrifying Cases Of Real Vampires.

5. The Atlas Vampire
Here we cross over into horror in Stockholm, Sweden 1932. This was a real murder, to this day still unsolved, concerning a Swedish prostitute by the name of Lilly Lindström. She was 32 when she died. What happened was horrible. Lilly’s body was found several days after her death in her apartment. She was naked, face down. Her skull crushed by repeated , if not all of her blood had been drained and saliva traces were found at her neck. Beside her was a blood stained ladle. The killer had used it to drink her blood.

4. The Black Dahlia
It’s around 10:00 am, January 15th 1947. Los Angeles housewife Betty Bersinger is out walking her daughter across a vacant lot. It’s a beautiful clear, bright day in Leimert Park. Cold. Crisp. They come across what Betty first believes is the top half of a discarded store mannequin and then rapidly realises it isn’t when she notices the other half neatly arranged near by.

This was how the naked body of 22-year-old waitress Elizabeth Short – soon to be labelled The Black Dahlia by the press – was discovered. In two neatly arranged parts, entirely exsanguinated of every last drop of blood. The case has never been solved.

3. The Case Of Petar Blagojevich
Until he was staked through the heart Petar Blagojevich had been nothing more than just the unassuming corpse of a Serbian peasant until the rest of the inhabitants of the village in which he died, Kisilova, in 1725 got it into their heads he was a vampire responsible for 9 other subsequent deaths within just over a week of his own, dug him up and summarily re-dispatched him in the presence of the local Sheriff and Priest.

The details you can read here – the point is, upon exhumation what these superstitious and terrified people found was something that absolutely conformed with vampire description from folklore. Instead of a pallid, stiffed, decaying cadaver – what lay within the coffin appeared the body of a man in comfortable repose, as if asleep. His limbs supple, complexion flushed as if in good heath, mouth full of what appeared to be fresh blood, his lips stained with it. And when they staked him, to their horror, fresh blood erupted from the corpse.

2. Kiss Serial killer
Bela Kiss was born in Hungary in 1877 and never apprehended. Nobody knows when he died or where. He was responsible for the deaths of at least 24 women that police knew about. Rather like the English serial killer John George Haigh (the so-called Acid Bath Murder) Kiss spent most of his time corresponding with women, defrauding them. And, if unfortunate enough to come within striking distance to enquire about their money, Kiss would garrote them and pickle their corpses inside gasoline drums he purchased with their own finances specially for the occasion.

Who says the age of chivalry is dead…? Unlike Haigh though, Kiss took pains to preserve the corpses and of those the Police found each had puncture marks on their necks. Their bodies completely drained of blood.

1. Albert Fish

I’m not going to describe here what serial child murderer Albert Fish did. He was a cannibal, amongst other things and if you want to know you’re going to have to read it for yourself on other sites, I’m not going to repeat it.

One of the names they called him was The Brooklyn Vampire, another: The Boogey Man. Neither simply lurid media descriptions. Albert Fish genuinely qualified as both. It’s grim reading, but serves to illustrate the point. When we believe in fiction, we make the reality tenable. When we believe in monsters, we make monsters real. Because, sometimes. Horribly far too often. The monsters actually are us.

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