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5 Terrifying and Creepy Things Discovered Frozen in Ice

It’s pretty gross when you find a bug frozen inside an ice cube, and it’s always nasty when you discover a six-year-old pork chop at the back of your freezer encased in ice like a woolly mammoth corpse.

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Have you played that pain-in-the-ass mountain map on Battlefield 1 where Austro-Hungarians face the Italian Army?

You don’t have go all the way to the Arctic to find creepy stuff frozen in ice you know, as one North Carolina woman found out when she purchased a freezer from a yard sale.

This entry is a little different from the rest because it describes an icy discovery that people knew they had to make…but really didn’t want to.

Something doesn’t have to be creepy, gross or dead to be terrifying you know.

In 1845 a group of British explorers led by Captain Sir John Franklin departed on a voyage towards the Arctic, hoping to traverse the last un-navigated area of the Northwest Passage

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