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5 Science Stories Even Weirder Than Fiction

In the realm of science fiction, practically anything is possible. However, as often as life imitates art, it just as often goes screaming past art in its requirement for suspension of our disbelief. These stories from the world of science are drawn from the richest well of inspiration writers of fiction will ever have—reality. Here are 5 Science Stories Even Weirder Than Fiction .

5. The iPhone Troll
When New Zealand professor Christoph Bartneck received an e-mail inviting him to submit a paper on nuclear physics for a conference in the US, he was a bit puzzled. After all, he had almost no knowledge of the subject and had never been invited to speak in such a capacity before. Undaunted, he set out to write the requested paper in a novel fashion: using iOS autocomplete.

4. The Ten-Percenter
When a 44-year-old French man went to the doctor complaining of weakness in his left leg, a CAT scan was ordered, which was typical. What wasn’t typical was the resulting image.
Although the unidentified man is a functioning, healthy adult, only ten percent of his brain remains.

3. The Walking Brewery
Outside of Buffalo, New York, in 2015, police arrested a female motorist on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, with good reason.But when the case was brought before a judge, the charge of aggravated driving while intoxicated was promptly dismissed—after evidence was heard that the woman’s body produces alcohol on its own.

2. The Replicator
Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre has prototyped a device which it believes could be the future of urban farming. Called the “CellPod,” it is an appliance resembling a lamp, small enough to fit on any kitchen shelf. All it needs are the undifferentiated cells of a plant in a microscopic amount, and within a week, it will have 3-D printed enough food for a healthy meal.

1. Evidence Of Life After Death
The phenomenon of near-death or out-of-body experiences has long been relegated to the realm of pseudoscience. But in the largest study of its kind, UK researchers have produced the first hint of evidence of consciousness in patients whose brains have stopped functioning—by gathering hundreds of testimonials from patients who were able to accurately recall their surroundings and events that took place while they were in a state of brain death.

Video credit to Mind Boggler YouTube channel