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5 Scary Stories That Will Make You CRINGE

5 Scary Stories That Will Make You CRINGE

5 Scary Stories taken from real life experiences That Will Make You CRINGE .

5 . The Crown Statue
When someone says they’ve found a haunted object in the woods and it’s ruining their life, you might understandably not believe them, or at the very least, be skeptical of their claims. However, the case of the so-called “Crone,” an object that was found in a cave in New York, might make you change your tune.

4. A Creepy Note
On October 12, a contractor working at the Sheraton Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina, made a chilling discovery. The contractor, who wishes to remain anonymous, was preparing a king suite on the seventh floor for renovations. He was busily removing old furniture and decorations from the room, when something stopped him dead in his tracks. While taking a picture off the wall, he noticed that there was a handwritten note scrawled across the back. It seems to be a murder confession.

3. Little Girl Didn’t Want To Wake Her Mom
In the capital of South Africa, a three-year-old girl was found living with her mother’s corpse. The 27-year-old mom had been dead for three days.

2. Mysterious Voicemail
a Redditor by the name of heaveninherarms posted an update saying that her mother had just received a disturbing voicemail. Earlier this summer, the Redditor’s maternal grandfather passed away. Then, about six months after he died, her mother received a mysterious voicemail from 000-000-0000. Shockingly, heaveninherarms said that the voice on the other end sounded an awful lot like her grandfather.

1. Mannequins House
About an hour north of New York City is a mysterious house located in the quaint town of New Hamburg, New York.
Although the home is a community fixture, no one really knows who lives there. Normally, it’s pretty easy to tell if a house is abandoned or not, but the John Lawson House is no ordinary home.
In fact, it’s pretty terrifying. You see, while locals have never noticed anyone coming in or out of the house, the porch is always occupied by groups of creepy-looking mannequins.

Video credit to Mind Boggler YouTube channel